NovaPoint Capital’s Jeff Wright Shares Business Experience with Fellow Veterans

February 22, 2020


“Think beyond tasks into relationships . . . there’s no such thing as a self-made vet.”

NovaPoint Capital’s Jeff Wright shared his business experience with fellow military veterans at his business school alma mater The University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business this week at Maryland Smith’s Veteran Lifelong Leaders Forum.

Jeff shared what he’s learned from his military service in Iraq and Afghanistan as an Army Ranger, his business experience in the financial industry, and his time as a portfolio manager at NovaPoint Capital.

What was some of Jeff’s advice for military veterans in business today?

1. BE HUMBLE – Veterans have the “it-factor” in terms of leadership, but they also need humility to acknowledge and fill gaps in technical or hands-on experience as they enter new fields. “All of my best moves have involved a step back to move forward.”

2. THINK IN 3D – Veterans making a transition to the civilian workforce tend to think of a career as a line in one plane ahead of them. “Keep an eye on the peripheries & think about relationships as a 3rd dimension.”

3. BE A CONNECTOR – Networking is about more than just meeting new people or promoting yourself. “When you position yourself to be useful to others, that’s when new doors start to open.”

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