Wal-Mart Stores: Higher Dividend in Store

February 19, 2016

wmt store

Joseph Sroka, CFA, CMT
Chief Investment Officer, NovaPoint Capital LLC

The Board of Directors of Wal-Mart Stores (ticker: WMT) announced an increase in the quarterly dividend on the company’s common stock to $0.50 per share from $0.49, a 2.0% increase.  This is the 43rd consecutive year the company has raised its dividend.

Wal-Mart is one of the stock holdings in NovaPoint Capital’s Dividend Growth Strategy.  Our Strategy seeks to own high-quality, dividend-paying stocks with a track record of annual dividend increases.  Our research shows that a portfolio of companies with track records of raising their dividends has, on average, produced total returns higher than both the market and their non-dividend paying peers.  The average track record of dividend increases for companies in our current portfolio is thirty-one years.

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