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Treat anxiety and depression with Prozac, delivered to your door after an online doctor consultation. $95/month.

About Prozac

What is Prozac and why is it so well known?

Prozac is the brand name version of the generic antidepressant medicine fluoxetine. Prozac is so well known because it’s the most famous of the antidepressant meds. More affordable and equally effective generic versions now exist. Lemonaid doctors typically prescribe the generic version of fluoxetine after an online consultation. Lemonaid doctors also prescribe other antidepressants like Lexapro, Zoloft, and Wellbutrin.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription for Prozac?

Yes, because Prozac is a prescription medicine. The good news is you don’t have to go to a doctor’s office to get your doctor’s prescription, because Lemonaid offers an online service whereby you get an online prescription and the medicine shipped direct to your door. We charge $95 a month for the medication and ongoing consultations, shipping included.

How does Prozac help me feel better?

Prozac is in the class of antidepressant meds called SSRIs, and makes you feel better because it increases how much serotonin is in your brain. It can take 4-6 weeks for you to feel the benefits of the medicine, and you may not feel the maximum benefits for 3 months. It’s important to be on the dosage that’s right for you, and our team of doctors will monitor you month to month and help you decide if you should adjust your Prozac dosage accordingly.

How can I get Prozac online?

Complete an online consultation with Lemonaid and our team of doctors can help you decide which antidepressant is right for you. We can write the doctor’s prescription you need and ship your medicine to you from our own mail order pharmacy. It’s important to know that you’ll need to take the medicine for a number of months to benefit fully. 20mg is the usual starting dosage we prescribe, but some of our patients find they need to take 80mg daily for Prozac to be effective.