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NovaPoint and AUSA provide a unique benefit to members for your investment, financial planning, and tax strategy needs. NovaPoint is a veteran-led investment advisory firm that works with individuals, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations nationwide.

We offer all AUSA members a complimentary 30-minute consultation consisting of setting financial goals, assessing current investment risk, and providing recommended courses of action to help achieve your financial goals. For AUSA members that engage NovaPoint to manage investments and other services, you will receive a 20% discount to our standard fees.

Let us help you get started by setting up an initial consultation with one of our military veteran investment advisers.

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The Association of the United States Army does not endorse or recommend NovaPoint as a provider of financial services. AUSA performs due diligence on all affinity partnerships with the goal of working with companies that provide a benefit to AUSA members. Part of the revenue will be donated to AUSA to support member programs. You should make an independent decision whether a product or service is the right fit for you. Questions? You can contact Susan Rubel at AUSA: