Are You Taking the Right Amount of Investment Risk? August 2, 2017

Individuals we speak with often classify their investment risk tolerance with adjectives such as “Conservative”, “Moderate”, or “Aggressive”.  These self-classifications can be highly subjective and may not correctly capture the amount of risk someone is actually comfortable taking. One Moderate investor may feel uncomfortable if their portfolio fell 5% while another may not feel uncomfortable until their portfolio falls more than 10%.  Unfortunately, only discovering their true tolerance risk after a downward movement in their investment portfolio is too late….

How We Work with NonProfit Organizations August 2, 2017

Joseph Sroka, CFA, CMT Chief Investment Officer, NovaPoint Capital LLC jsroka@novapointcapital.com We believe nonprofit organizations of all sizes should have access to professional investment management and advisory.  At NovaPoint Capital, we make our services available to all qualified nonprofit organizations at a 50% reduction to our standard investment management fees and with no minimum investment.    Our Services We work with nonprofit organizations to construct an investment strategy consistent with their investment objectives and risk tolerance. In addition to investment…

NovaPoint Capital Supports Veterans’ Service Organizations May 25, 2017

Alan J. Conner, CPFA President aconner@novapointcapital.com Joseph Sroka, CFA, CMT Chief Investment Officer jsroka@novapointcapital.com May 25, 2017 NovaPoint Capital would like to show our respect and admiration for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our freedom.  In honor of their sacrifice, we are donating 100% of our revenue earned on May 26th to two veterans’ service organizations, the Army Ranger Lead the Way Fund and the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. Army Ranger Lead the Way…

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