Start with Why Applies to Investing Too July 25, 2018

By Jeffery V. Wright, CFA There’s a great book by Simon Sinek called “Start With Why.”  It’s a leadership-oriented book that highlights the importance of purpose for a person or organization.  One’s purpose, or their “Why,” gives them specific value and guides their direction as well as decisions. The same is true with investing and personal finance.  Having a purpose for wealth, savings, or any facet of finances keeps you on track.  Why are you investing?  If it’s for a…

Uncertainty? Trust the Process June 12, 2018

by Jeffery V. Wright, CFA One of the biggest concerns when it comes to one’s financial and investment goals is the uncertainty around accomplishing those goals, be it retirement, estate transfer, philanthropy, or otherwise.  It can be difficult to predict financial market returns, the tax code, or many other factors of life, and these uncertainties can often breed anxiety when saving and investing for those goals.  Deciding what to do and how to invest in an unpredictable world can seem…

Are You Taking the Right Amount of Investment Risk? August 2, 2017

Individuals we speak with often classify their investment risk tolerance with adjectives such as “Conservative”, “Moderate”, or “Aggressive”.  These self-classifications can be highly subjective and may not correctly capture the amount of risk someone is actually comfortable taking. One Moderate investor may feel uncomfortable if their portfolio fell 5% while another may not feel uncomfortable until their portfolio falls more than 10%.  Unfortunately, only discovering their true tolerance risk after a downward movement in their investment portfolio is too late….

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